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"新鮮出爐" 菠蘿包、腸仔包 "Freshly Baked" Pineapple Buns, Sausage Buns

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國外流傳着一句說話 「沒吃過豬扒包等於沒看過大三巴,沒有吃過菠蘿包又怎麼算是來過香港」,可見當年的香港冰室小吃除了歷史悠久,亦成為了今天放人不得不嚐的經典包點。AIML 的團隊特別以手工製作出多款迷你版冰室小食,例如 金黃色凹凸脆皮的菠蘿包、輕脆可口的酥皮蛋撻和有多重口感的雞尾包等等,好讓大家懷念一下昔日情懷。我們亦仿造了玻璃麵包櫃,排列出琳瑯滿目的精緻麵包。


In the early 90's, Western food culture become popular in Guangzhou, and in the midst of the scorching summer sun, different cold drinks had become very popular. At that time, ice cafes mainly sold cool drinks and light snacks such as red bean ice, coffee and sandwiches, and with the selling point of "ice drinking", they were named "Ice Café". The snacks mentioned above can still be easily found on the menu of today’s Cha Chaan Teng. But do you know the difference between an ice café and a Cha Chaan Teng?

As you may have guessed, the Ice café is the predecessor of Cha Chaan Teng. It is also a commoner's cafe where the general public can enjoy a taste of Western culture. In Hong Kong’s old days, most of the ice cafés only owned a snack license and sold some basic beverages and pastries, such as ice with red beans, milk tea, and even with cream toast and sandwiches! There are some drinks that you may have never heard of. Such as Dutch cuckoo, wale beef tea and boiled eggs were also very popular in ice cafes back then. Some licensed bakeries even have their own bakeries where bread would be freshly baked every day and served to the customers. Many old-fashioned ice cafes even have glass bakery cabinets facing the street, which attracted many passers-by. Since they only have a light refreshment license, they are not allowed to sell proper meal, so no one usually goes there for dinner and most of the ice café would close in the evening.

Hong Kong's economy is changing rapidly, and the high rent is the main reason for the transformation of ice cafes. From serving only beverages and simple pastries, ice cafés have gradually evolved into Cha Chaan Teng with a variety of dishes such as fried noodles, Western-style rice etc.

Buns in ice cafes have been very popular since the 90s, and have become classic snacks that travellers must try today. The AIML team has created a variety of miniature buns, such as crispy golden pineapple buns, crispy egg tarts and cocktail buns. We have also replicated a glass bakery panetièrel, where to show a wide range of buns.

We welcome you to come and visit our window display and reminisce about the simple good old days.



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