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Growing houses
A kid pianist at Landmark
A Kid with a big hammer
Xmas wonder from LANDMARK circus
Ostriches dancing at LANDMARK
Landmark Xmas 2015 animated bear
DEBRIS-Vhils solo exhibition 2016
retail flagship store project management
Project Management for Natuzzi
Le French May 2015
WIPE OUT French artist
Landmark Central Xmas 2014
Ice skating miniature
1 Smile 1 Name LANDMARK
Landmark Zero Degree Christmas
Mr and Mrs Santa Claus by Preston Bailey
Large-Scale Chandeliers by Preston Bailey
Sheer Metal Deer &  Wreath on Bridge
Xmas decor by Preston Bailey
Year of Rabbit decor by Preston Bailey
Tiger Floral Sculpture by Preston Bailey
Giant Outdoor Tree at Statue Square
Le French May at Landmark
Xmas garlands by Jim Marvin
Floral Decor by Jim Marvin
Floral Art by Jim Marvin
Xmas village & Antique locomotive
BAM Spin Flowers Art


Just some of our works.

The above provides a glimpse of some of our past projects. Contact us if you would like to explore more.

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