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【山尾街冰室】– 幕後製作花絮 – 第二章:道具篇 Shan Mei Café miniature – Behind the scene – Part 2: Props Making

山尾街冰室呈現的七八十年代香港懷舊特色,其中就是綠色燈罩的天花吊燈,其子工作室是如何製作迷你型版本呢? 還有似模似樣的迷你燈箱招牌呢,睇睇片啦!

Vintage green lampshade for ceiling lamp is an element featuring the 1970’s and 80’s old Hong Kong style cafe, so is our Shan Mei Cafe. Take a look at our behind-the-scene to see how aimL workshop made the lamps. And you would also see the production process of the mini lightbox signage for our cafe miniature as well.



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