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【山尾街冰室】 – 幕後製作花絮 – 第一章:佈景篇 Shan Mei Café – Behind the scene – Part 1: Backdrop production

七八十年代的香港冰室有何特色? 在山尾街冰室可以見到綠白格格交替地板磁磚,散發出絲絲港式古典風味。今次就帶大家睇睇aimL Workshop如何製作山尾街冰室的佈景吧,睇完後或者會覺得骰仔細細的間格「麻雀雖小,五臟俱全」呢?

Anyone recalls the old Hong Kong cafes’ style in the 1970’s and 80’s? One classic vintage style is green-and-white floor tile, which is embodied in our Shan Mei Cafe miniature. In this behind-the-scene video, we are taking you to witness how the backdrop of our cafe is produced, step-by-step. You might wonder, our crafted wooden box backdrop is small, but already accommodates all needed decor and mechanics to perform mini lighting and action shows.

Stay tuned for our next behind-the-scene video!



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