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迷你冰室 迷你配套 The MINI package for our MINI Bing Sutt


Remember our last article mentioning about how "mini" in our Fotan-located Ice Cafe (Bing Sutt) interior is? Everything that comes inside would naturally need to be "mini" too...

就設計圖中所見,冰室天花垂吊住兩盞吊燈,用上了綠色燈罩,大家係咪有種懷舊感覺呢? 不妨從我哋嘅幕後製作照片,窺探一下Workshop採用乜嘢方法打造迷你懷舊吊燈出嚟?

Just take a look at our design drawing. See the two lamps hanging from the cafe's ceiling using lampshade in green color? Any nostalgic feeling? From the behind-the-scene pictures, we guess you might figure out how our workshop has achieved this effect.


And let's talk about our SIGNAGE... First, the signage needs to be working well, brightly lit, bold and of course, good-looking, and cutie... just imagine it is more or less similar to an adult arm's length.

AIML workshop 用咗市面上常用材料製作呢個山尾街冰室燈箱招牌,同時加咗啲想像力同創意,利用細碼嘅鋁角包邊,配合舊式字體同設計,務求令人望落去,有昔日燈箱招牌嘅感覺。屆時冰室開張,過來火炭山尾街睇吓啦。

Our AIML workshop has utilised common and present day materials to fabricate this signage, and with a little imagination and creativity, we use small aluminum corner for edging and old style fonts and layout giving it a realistic look, and old, retro feeling. Do come to visit our mini cafe to have a look when launched!


Stay tuned!



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