木頭人偶大變身 Wooden dolls turned into Artisanal Characters



敬請密切關注山尾街冰室工程進度 !

In our last article we showcased a parade of artisanal bakery items uniquely created for our mininature ice cafe at Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan. Now let us show you our characters' creation.

AIML uses manikins (or mannequins) to create different characters in art form, including waiters and customers, to be displayed with animated movements of characters and interior items, as well as interactive dialogues, hopefully we can create the ambience of the nostalgic Ice Cafe featuring the old Hong Kong.


香港冰室,不僅瀰漫飯香,更瀰漫着人情味,像是個迷你的的香港社會。在負擔不起西餐的60、70年代,冰室是香港人靈活變通的產物。冰室來來往往着不同的食客,有拖鞋短褲的藍領,也有西裝革履的白領,有富商明星,也有普羅大眾。不少的上班族,早上到來吃個出爐面包便匆忙離開; 也有人是為了談情說愛,點上一杯奶茶,一份甜入心的西多士,坐在又小又擠的座位里,細說一下午。


如果細心留意水吧夥記的對話,大家雖用同一樣的語言,郤有時完全不明白他們的對話。例如說,「茶走,汪啊姐」,可令人滿腦子問號。多去幾次,或者就會知道,原來「汪啊姐」是熱咖啡,當然就是因爲當年一首家一傳戶的熱咖啡,「熱咖啡,熱咖啡,為你斟到瀉」; 我們平常飲到的奶茶是用淡奶、砂糖和濃茶沖製的,而「茶走」是什麼意思 ? 維基百科都有兩個講法,如下所示 :

一個講法: "茶香港澳門茶餐廳嘅特色嘢飲,即係奶茶淨係落煉奶唔會用淡奶;煉奶會將奶茶嘅味道變得更香濃,而淡奶係唔能夠嘅。由於煉奶甜味夠濃,所以就唔使落糖;相反淡奶味唔夠,就要落糖。" (茶走)

另一個講法: "茶走源自香港的絲襪奶茶,指奶茶不加砂糖,而加煉奶以加入甜味。大部份茶走仍有淡奶這種成份。" (茶走)


Ice cafes in Hong Kong are not only filled with the aroma of food, but also with the human touch, like a miniature version of Hong Kong society. In the early days, not many can afford the food in western restaurants, people will rather go to ice café to have a taste of western food. It's a place where always filled with crowds, from blue collars in slippers and shorts to white collars in suits, from wealthy celebrities to the general public. Many workers arrive in the morning for a freshly baked bread and rush back to office; while some couples will order a cup of milk tea and a sweet toast, and sit in the small, packed seats for the afternoon.

Most of the waiters speak fast, loudly and with strong tone. But also there are few humorous waiters will have some interesting conversations with customers. With the fast pace of life, there is no time to lose. To save time, the waiters have created a series of easy-to-remember and chivalrous phrases, as well as shorthand symbols to help customers place their orders.

When one pays attention to the bar staff's conversations, sometimes one might have no idea what they talk about, despite the language in use is the same Cantonese, for example, "Leave the tea (Chazou, in Cantonese pronunciation), Wang Ah Sister", make a wild guess... only after a few visits one might finally get the meaning..."Wang Ah Jie" means hot coffee, of course, because of the famous “hot coffee” song sang by Ms. Liza Wang Ming Chuen. And what does "Leave the tea (Chazou)" mean? When looked up in Wikipedia for definition, there are two versions:

One Version : "Chazou is a specialty drink of Hong Kong or Macau tea restaurants, that is, a milk tea drink without sugar but with condensed milk only, as condensed milk will make the taste of milk tea much more fragrant than evaporated milk. And the condensed milk is sweet enough to skip sugar; on the contrary, as evaporated milk is not sweet enough, and so make the adding of sugar in milk tea necessary." (we translated into English ourselves from茶走)

Another Version: "Chazou originated from Hong Kong's stocking milk tea, which refers to milk tea without sugar, but with condensed milk to add sweetness. Most teas still have the ingredient of evaporated milk." (English translation by Google Translate wiki/tea go)

Have you ever tried "Leave the tea (Chazou)" ?