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喺火炭山尾街冰室, 道具有幾袖珍? 有幾懷舊? Super mini props making for our nostalgic cafe

時至今日,香港成為國際大都會,連鎖式的店舖、公共交通工具廣泛使用阿拉伯字,「花碼」的蹤跡隨着老一輩離開及老鋪小店的式微而漸漸在香港消失。在餐牌上直直橫橫交叉的「鬼畫符」,就是花碼,又名蘇州碼子或番仔碼,是中國一種十進制的計數系統,在昔日的香港非常流行,廣泛應用於小巴價錢牌, 餐廳餐牌等等。

AIML 的設計師,是次特別在牆上的餐牌用毛筆畫上花碼,考驗一下大家能解讀多少小食的價錢!

除了花碼餐牌外,AIML Team 亦制作了不少迷你餐具、廚具,等等,再刻上點點細節,點綴一番。而當年冰室,沖製奶茶,當然會用到黑白®淡奶。自冰室的出現,每日一杯咖啡奶茶,幾乎成為了當代香港人每天的標準動作。若果在冰室水吧中,看到黑白淡奶,幾乎就是奶茶的品質保證。

Today, as Hong Kong becomes a cosmopolitan city, Arabic characters are widely used in chain stores and public transport, and the trace of "UniCode" is gradually disappearing as the older generation leaves and the old shops and stores decline. It is a Chinese decimal system, which is widely used in Hong Kong in the past, and is widely used in minibus price tags and ice cafe menus.

AIML has used chinese brushes to write those Unicode onto the menu. Can you guess the price for all the snacks on the menu?

Apart from fancy menus, AIML Team also made mini tableware and kitchenware, etc., and decorated them with a few details. In the old days, the Ice House used Black and White® evaporated milk to make milk tea. Since the advent of Sorbet Café, a daily cup of coffee and milk tea has become a standard daily routine for contemporary Hong Kong people. If you see Black and White® evaporated milk in a café bar, it is almost like a guarantee of the quality of milk tea.

你哋估下我哋會將呢 D 袖珍餐具餐牌放邊 ? 火炭山尾街冰室將於八月 份開張, 大家到時過嚟 "幫襯" 吓啦!

How will the above super mini props look like in our Ice Cafe? Our Cafe in Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan will open in this August. Come come...



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